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What does GG mean? - GG Definition - Meaning of GG - Internet ...

This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of GG is.

What DoesGGMean, and How Do You Use It? - How-To Geek

If you don’t play a lot of competitive video games, you may have heard the acronym “GG” for the first time on social media or from a gamer friend.

What Does Sus, AFK, Vent, and GG mean in Among Us?

Then you're probably wondering what does Sus, AFK, and other words mean in Among Us.

GG | What Does GG Mean? - Cyber Definitions

GG means 'Good Game' in a gaming context and also after banter on the likes of Whatsapp and Instagram.

What DoesGGMean in ‘Among Us’? Video Game Lingo Defined

What doesGGmean in ‘Among Us’? What about “AFK”

GG Meaning: What Does GG Mean? with Useful Conversations • 7ESL

The acronym "GG" is used popularly in internet chat and texting.

What does GG mean? - GG Definitions | Abbreviation Finder

Check online for what is GG, meanings of GG, and other abbreviation, acronym, and synonyms.

What does GG mean? - YouTube

Q&A, What, does, GG, mean

What does btw mean in slang? - askinglot.com

BTW means 'By The Way' So now you know - BTW means 'By The Way' - don't thank us.

What Does 'GG' Mean? - Gaming Glossary

Have you ever wanted to know what 'GG' stands for in gaming, eSports, and online culture?